How to choose the color of the decorative background?

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Generally, the decorative background of the home is mainly in light colors. As for the wedding room, it should be light pink. I feel that it is not only festive, but also clean and comfortable. It can also be equipped with some lavender colors, so that the colors complement each other. The effect is more obvious, creating a warm, harmonious and festive home for you~~

The color selection and collocation of the room should be based on the principle of conforming to the owner's psychological feelings.

Usually, there are several ways to match the shades:

  • Light and delicate tones.

The center color is yellow and orange. The carpet is orange, the curtains and bedspreads are made of yellow and white printed cloth, the sofa and ceiling are made of gray tones, and some green plants are added to set off the atmosphere.

  • Soft and romantic shades.

The center color is a soft pink. Carpets, lampshades, and curtains are made of red and white, the furniture is white, and the room is partially decorated with light blue, which has a warm atmosphere.

  • Elegant and beautiful tones.

The center color is pink. Sofas and lampshades are pink, curtains and cushions are made of pink calico, the floor is pale tawny, and the walls are creamy white. This shade is suitable for young women and girls.

  • Elegant and beautiful tones.

The center color is rose and lavender, the carpet is light rose, the sofa is a bit darker than the carpet, the curtains can be printed with lavender, the lampshade and lamp pole are rose or purple, put some green cushions and potted plants Plant accents and off-white for walls and furniture for an elegant and elegant effect.

  • Gorgeous fresh shades.

The central colors are burgundy, blue and gold, the sofa is burgundy, the carpet is dark earth red, the walls are bright beige, and the parts are decorated with gold, such as gold-plated wall lamps, plus some blue as an auxiliary, it is gorgeous and fresh style.

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