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How many different types of modern mural that we offen see in our daily life ?

                   How many different types of modern mural that we offen see in our daily life ?

1, hand-painted: the pattern will be painted directly on some kind of material, and then it will be pasted on the wall painting, this hand-painted materials used can be divided into two kinds of high-grade class and ordinary class, high-grade class has silk, gold leaf, etc., ordinary has Xuan paper.

2, hand painting: we have all seen the street graffiti, it belongs to the hand painting, it refers to the person directly tracing the pattern on the wall, the carrier is the wall, no other material medium, this form of mural durability is not good, the colour vibrancy is relatively low, so people use less.

3, wall  sticker: first by computer graphics, and then by machine spray painting carving, with different colours of ink spray painting combination into a pattern, it is the only difference with hand painting is wall stickers is computer graphics, hand painting is manual drawing.

4, decorative painting: decorative painting by drawing or printing out the heart of the painting, and then using wooden strips or boards taut, or directly on the wooden board painting, painting after the painting directly hanging wall painting.

After all this , i hope you have a very basic knowing about modern mural and have a great day ^ ^.

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