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How do I customise a decorative painting to suit the style of me

Many homeowners choose home interior decoration will choose to match the decorative painting suitable for the decoration style, to provide a different beauty for home decoration, but because the decorative painting style varies and there are many types, if it is not consistent with the decoration style, but will be a bit of a snake adding to the feeling. Today we decorative painting manufacturers will teach you how to customize the decorative painting suitable for the decoration style?


In fact, there is no good or bad decorative painting, only suitable and unsuitable. Choose the style of decorative painting, generally according to the furniture and interior decoration environment to decide, but pay attention to the same environment of the painting style consistent. If not, the mood will deteriorate. The pattern and style of the decorative painting generally does not matter what you choose. The important thing is to try to fit the space. This is because it represents the owner's personal taste in perspective. The living room is dominated by beautiful landscapes, still life and character decorative paintings, and the more atmospheric decorative paintings will increase the solemnity of the living room.

Chinese calligraphy and painting in the art reflects the national consciousness and aesthetic interest, which is conducive to the creation of the beauty of the mood, generally used in Chinese style space design, reflecting the solemn and elegant atmosphere. On the contrary, Western oil paintings focus on realistic and abstract sense of space, mainly expressing the realistic photos of Western oil paintings European classical decorative space with gorgeous decoration, suitable for decorating walls in combination with Western oil paintings. Photographic painting is concrete and abstract in two forms. Its use is more common, as long as it is suitable for simple decoration. Craft painting is a more independent craft, also more common in interior software, only need to choose the decoration according to the different interior decoration style.

There are many types of decorative painting, but different sensible uses of decorative painting will produce different decorative effects.

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